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ya3 sagt:

Well, It's probably the most detailed car model I've created so far, and I'm quite happy with the materials and render (I experimented with the Nukei shader for the paint). The body is considerably lower than it should be, the wheels are a lot larger than normal, and I've done some work on the front spoiler and side-skirts (though it's a little hard to see).

20 Jul. 2005 11:40:03 • Antworten

XeNoN sagt:

It looks really nice. I love it. Better than the Mazda :P

20 Jul. 2005 10:45:07 • Antworten

Vision sagt:

Nice "future" aston martin with nice reflections.
Only the brake disc doesn't look so realistic, but its only a little flaw.
10 pts. !

20 Jul. 2005 00:35:22 • Antworten

maSe sagt:

This one looks really nice. And its maybe one of the best virtual cars, i've ever seen. The modeling is very clean and the textures are really realistic. 10/10 + add to fav. Good job! ;)

19 Jul. 2005 23:46:11 • Antworten





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